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Government: Local

Connect your data to deliver modernized and transparent services to your community.

You’ll never be more efficient than you can be with integrated data.

Populations rely on you for modern services that are efficient and reliable. Connected data gives you the ability to deliver.
Sacramento Cityscape
Seamless Integration

Fully integrate your asset management with permits and licensing, GIS, ERP, payroll, taxation, business intelligence and more.

Optimize and Standardize

Optimize digital plan submissions with automated validation, error reporting to developers and GIS entry.

Modernize Services

Share multi-jurisdictional data and deliver modern services such as Next Generation 9-1-1.

Democratize Data

Create open data portals and applications for citizen engagement and service delivery.

Discover more ways FME
can improve your services.

FME Subscriptions designed to meet your needs.

Whether it’s new technologies or new mandates, government is always changing. You need a pricing solution that can keep up.
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Evolving Service

As your deployment needs change, so can your subscription.

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Industry Specific Options

We offer subscriptions tailored to government as pricing matched to your population.

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Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access to the FME Platform from the start for your entire organization.

Find out where FME is already at work for local governments.

Santa Clara County uses location data for life-saving services

50% increase in known addresses.

unique city datasets

With a population of 2 million, Santa Clara County improved the response time for emergency services by building a dynamic map of city-sourced addresses for their dispatch system.

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City of Burnaby increases operational efficiency with “Call Before You Dig”

1-3 Minutes to process a ticket.

ticket processing

The City of Burnaby sets the leading example in North America for operational efficiency with its “Call Before You Dig” service.

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You may have questions about how this works.

This subscription option allows your municipality or county to use unlimited deployment of the FME Platform for a single annual price, based solely on the size of your census population. Now all departments within your city can use FME at no extra cost, saving you money and speeding up projects as compared to one-off license purchases since licenses are always readily available.

At the next renewal date, you will renew at the then-applicable population tier.

Your population is based on your country’s official census.

All counties and municipalities (e.g. cities, towns, villages, councils, etc.) are eligible to subscribe to a Local Government Subscription.

Yes. We provide a prorated credit for the number of months remaining in your AMC total. This will go towards your Local Government Subscription for the first year.

All of your existing licenses will be rolled into this program and while your contract is in place you will not have to pay annual maintenance of those existing assets.

Extra-cost plugins are not included within this program and must be separately purchased and licensed.

FME licenses that are purchased individually have a perpetual term. This grants continuous use of your FME licenses, but in order to receive upgrades and support, you will have to purchase annual maintenance. FME licenses used under this program will timeout at the end of the current term unless you renew. You will have full access to support and upgrades at no additional cost during the term.

“We have a really fun environment and FME makes our staff want to continue working on awesome projects and come up with innovative new ideas. Plus, by automating we’re already saving at least 20 hours per week.”
Jacob Larson
Applications Analyst, Parking & Mobility Division, City of Omaha