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FME Accelerator

The one workshop that you need to attend to maximize and unlock the full and limitless potential of your data in 90 minutes. Wave goodbye to data silos today with FME!
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Learn how to maximize your data and minimize your efforts with FME.

Join our free and interactive workshop to learn how to make the most use out of your data with FME. This is for users beginning their FME journeys and for users refreshing their FME knowledge. The FME Accelerator will show you the basics of how to automate your data integration workflows and connect to 450+ formats. Spend more time using data, and less time fighting it.

No FME Installation Required

Learn from the comfort of your home and/or office


Ask questions and work through hands-on exercises with FME experts

Interactive Problem Solving

Unlock your data with real life FME examples and case studies

Why FME?

Does your company or business use data to drive decisions? Across most industries, the secret to success is being able to make accelerated data-driven decisions. Here, at Safe Software, we believe all organizations can maximize the value of their data. No matter what your data challenges are FME is here to help you solve them.
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Why You Need Data Integration

Data is everywhere now. This is why data integration is integral to making the most of your data and to make data-driven decisions. This workshop will give you an overview of what FME is, how to integrate data with FME and how to avoid data bottlenecks.
Who is this for?
No prior FME, coding or GIS experience is required. This workshop is for anyone interested in maximizing the value of their data with FME. This workshop is particularly helpful to anyone who is a Data, BI, GIS and IT professional.
What You Will Learn
You will gain hands-on experience, have the chance to ask FME Experts questions, and have a brief overview of:
  • How FME can solve your data challenges
  • Basics of using FME to integrate, automate and connect your data
What You Will Need
A computer with an Internet connection, and a desire to learn. This workshop will take place on Strigo, a virtual training platform. You do not need FME or Strigo installed. We will provide FME and a link to use Strigo in your browser for you during the workshop.

Upcoming FME Accelerators