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FME brings life to your data, making the impossible possible.

From spatial data to real-time to databases to business systems, data today is more distributed than ever. FME is here to integrate it all. Learn, discover and put your data to better use.
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Build. Automate. Deploy. Then,  watch your data come to life and do more.

Build a more efficient organization.

If you can imagine the solution, the FME Platform gives you the power to make it happen, from bulk data movement (ETL) to quality assurance to data replication, and more.

Build With No Code
Accomplish more and do it faster with our no-code interface.
Build For Data Variety
Whatever type of data you have, FME can handle it.
Build For Delivery
Support for batch processing, ETL, event driven data and high-speed stream data all within one platform.
Build For the Future
FME is backed by Safe Software and its vast community of users, expanding its reach every day.

Automate for growth.

FME gets your data working for you by integrating all of your organization’s applications and data sources.

Automate Workflows
Save time by streamlining data flows with event or time-based automation.
Automation Without Code
Extensive automation and no-code experience make it easy to create and schedule custom processes.
Automate Tasks
Handle large-scale data processing and integration.
Automate Data Sharing
Easily build no-code corporate web applications for data sharing, updates or scheduling.
Automate Quality Assurance
Build Q&A workflows that flag and fix data quality issues at the source.

Deploy Anytime, Anywhere

FME has unrivalled deployment options so you can choose what is the best fit for you.

Deploy Flexibly
Run anywhere, in any cloud, on-premises or with containers.
Deploy With Confidence
Fault tolerance ensures FME can survive machine failures.
Deploy Quickly
Get started easily with FME Flow hosted. You’ll be up and running in minutes.
Deploy Efficiently
FME scales to meet your demands, small or large, and with available CPU-time pricing, you only pay for what you use.

Enjoy our free, hands-on workshop to see how you can unlock the power of your data in only 90 minutes.

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A platform that scales to your needs.

Big or small, FME is the right platform for the job, easily scaling to meet all your growing data needs.

One platform,
two technologies.

Harness the power of two technologies working together to bring life to your data.
FME Form

Give your data purpose.

FME Form is where all your solutions begin. It’s easy to install, quick to deliver value and boosted by an amazing community of users. You’ll easily transform your data to consistently do what you once imagined with confidence.
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Flexible Data Processing

FME is a master with data, whether it’s ETL, data replication or synchronization. The platform has been relied on for nearly 30 years. Ensure your data gets from where it is to where you want it.

Extensive Data and System Support

FME connects to 1,000s of data sources, such as databases, warehouses, files, real-time, applications and more.

Advanced Data Visualization

Powerful data visualization allows you to quickly and easily understand all of your data and gain insight on how it changes as you build your workflows.

Cloud Integration

Integrate with services from cloud vendors including Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Geospatial Data

As the geospatial enterprise integration industry leader, you know your location data could not be in better hands.

Data Quality

Better data leads to better outcomes. FME Form has the tools to both assess data quality, flag it and often repair it.

FME Flow brings life to your data for the entire organization.

FME Flow

Become a data-led organization.

FME Flow connects everyone to the data they need to drive your organization into the future.
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Automated Data Integration

Connect everyone, and gain holistic insights of your entire organization.

Application Integration

Connect applications to avoid double entry and enjoy real-time data flows. You’ll love the time you save when your applications work together.

Real-time Processing

Know what’s happening as it happens, whether it’s from event data, high-speed data streams, the IoT or applications.

No-code Web Applications

Deliver the workflows built with FME Form using web applications so your entire organization can use them.

Flexible Deployment

FME Flow can run anywhere and also be spread across multiple environments, whether you want to run it on-premises, in the cloud, or take advantage of our hybrid deployment.

Powerful REST API

Our REST API gives users the power to access and control FME Flow, making it easy to integrate with other systems.

Unrivaled deployment versatility

Stay close to your data by deploying FME wherever you need it most, on-premises or in the cloud. Or you can choose to install it across multiple environments with our hybrid deployment model.
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Embrace the power of AI for data integration.

Stay up to date with rapidly evolving AI services and confidently integrate them into your FME data integration workflows. Plus, build better workflows with AI Assist.
FME Flow Hosted

FME Flow Hosted

The quickest and easiest way to embrace the power of FME Flow.


Easily scale up or down based on your needs. There’s no need to invest in hardware or do any capacity planning.

Cloud Based

FME Flow Hosted lives on AWS, which is trusted by companies across the globe.

Managed Services

Maintenance, upgrades, and security of the underlying infrastructure is all done for you, so you can focus on building solutions.


There’s no need to invest in and maintain expensive hardware.

Quick Setup

FME Flow is the easiest way to get started, with the ability to have it running in minutes.

Get Started Today

Want to make choosing FME Flow an even easier decision. Enjoy a free $250 credit on us.

“As an accountable organization, having good data is critical to the success of our projects. FME is an intuitive, powerful, and time-saving tool to have in our toolbox. We just set it up, and voila! It’s working.”
Luan Jaupi
Head of Information Management, The HALO Trust
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Learn how to maximize your data and minimize your efforts with FME

Join our free and interactive workshop to learn how to make the most use out of your data with FME. The FME Accelerator will show you the basics of how to automate your data integration workflows and connect to 450+ formats.
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