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What is FME?

Build a more efficient organization.

Whatever your data type, whatever your unique need, FME can help you do more with your data.

Automate for growth.

Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and share data effortlessly. No code needed.

Deploy anytime, anywhere.

Run FME in the cloud, on premises or with containers. Our unrivaled deployment options ensure effective and efficient solutions.

One platform, two technologies.

FME Form

FME Form is a desktop-based app designed to create data integration workflows using a visual interface. It’s where all your data integration solutions begin. Easy to install, quick to learn, and supported by an amazing community of users.

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FME Flow

FME Flow is where your solutions come to life. Accessed via a web portal, FME Flow allows users to convert a desktop process to one that can run anytime, anywhere. Networked, scalable and model-driven, FME Flow takes automation to the next level.

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Who is it for?

C-Suite Decision Makers

FME delivers data across the organization so that every decision maker, from strategic to frontline, will be empowered with data.

IT Decision Makers

FME delivers unrivaled value and productivity. With unmatched system support it can connect how you need it, where you need it.

GIS and Data Analysts

FME is the only enterprise integration platform with support for spatial data. Gain new insight and make better decisions.

Where is it used?

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Real-time data makes transportation more intelligent.
Govern Your Data

Build data governance into the core of your system and ensure everyone has access to quality data.

Simulate Scenarios

Visualize and simulate transportation scenarios by transforming 2D data into 3D models.

Real-time Insights

Use sensors and IoT to power real-time analysis of your network infrastructure.

Distribute Data

Easily share real-time data with the public to enhance traffic and safety awareness.

Maximize efficiency with seamless data integration
Seamless Integration

Fully integrate your asset management with permits and licensing, GIS, ERP, payroll, taxation, business intelligence and more.

Optimize and Standardize

Optimize digital plan submissions with automated validation, error reporting to developers and GIS entry.

Modernize Services

Share multi-jurisdictional data and deliver modern services such as Next Generation 9-1-1.

Democratize Data

Create open data portals and applications for citizen engagement and service delivery.

More efficient operations and service begin with better control of your data.
Manage Assets

Integrate asset management and automate data flows between Esri, GE Smallworld, Cityworks and more.

Automate Data Delivery

Manage distributed networks, field crews and quickly inform customers with automated and connected data.

Real-time Data

Leverage the newest sensor technologies and real-time information so you can automate hazard reports for quick action.

Optimize and Modernize Services

Enhance customer experience and save resources by automating safety services such as ‘Call Before You Dig’.

Improved operations and passenger experiences are waiting.
Integrated Asset Management

Integrate asset management with business systems, maintenance and operations to create a more seamless work experience.

Indoor Mapping and NavigationSupport

Power indoor mapping applications such as Apple Maps and HERE so passengers can easily navigate your space.

Airspace and Passenger Analysis

Manage airspace, ground traffic and passenger movement with comprehensive spatial analysis and AIXM support.

Facilities Management and Digital Twins

Manage your facilities holistically and build true digital twins of your operation with BIM, CAD, GIS, sensors, stream data and more.

What to expect?

FME Accelerator: Learn the basics of FME.

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Partner FME Accelerators.

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Safe Software

A pricing model tailored to your needs.

FME Campus: Access unparalleled support and free training.

FME Community: Connect with a global network of FME users.
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FME Academy: Virtual and in-person learning from certified professionals.
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Knowledge Base: Learn with in-depth blogs created by Safe.
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