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We know that the best solutions come from collaboration. Our Partners are an integral part of our work: connecting dots, building bridges and creating new possibilities. Whether you’re an established business or a budding startup, grow, thrive and make a lasting impact at the forefront of innovation.

What type of Partner are you?

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Deploying the FME Platform for client success, our VAR Partners specialize in adapting the FME Platform to fit clients’ unique needs. By leveraging the FME Platform and offering front-line support across various languages and time zones, they ensure timely and personalized assistance.

Systems Integrators

Delivering integration solutions using the FME Platform. These behind-the-scenes architects integrate FME into existing systems and processes to help businesses flourish.

Solution Providers

Building technology on top of the FME Platform. Creating innovative solutions these Partners breathe new life into data.

Technology Alliances Partners

Leveraging FME to expand the reach of their solution. Connecting dots, building bridges and creating new possibilities.

Special Partnerships

Collaborating to push the boundaries of data possibilities; unique alliances that push boundaries and expand the horizons of data.

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“Since 1999, Safe Software and its FME technology has helped Consortech significantly grow its business by improving its customers’ geospatial performance. The success of this long-standing partnership is the result of the culture of innovation and openness that prevails within our two organizations.”
Francois Laganiere
Partner, Business development | Consortech