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Stad Lier maximizes business intelligence with quality data using FME

Stad Lier, a municipality in Belgium, needed to find an ETL solution that could bring together spatial and business data.

This work was done in collaboration with Safe Software partner GIM.

Stad Lier had over 2500 datasets in various data types – CAD, GIS, web data, office data, rasters, and everything in between. Recognizing the value of this data, they wanted to use Qlikview, a business intelligence tool, to analyze it further.

However, all their raw data needed to be extracted and prepared for the application. They needed to find an ETL tool that could integrate a wide variety of data from different sources and perform quality control to maintain data integrity.

How they made it possible – using the #1 tool for spatial data integration

Stad Lier compared different ETL products and found that many did not offer spatial support beyond GIS, and if they did, they did not support office data. They also paid attention to which products were continually updated and provided support.

After comparing 13 ETL products, Stad Lier concluded that FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, was the only perfect match for their needs.

The team uses FME to extract raw data, perform quality control, and apply corrections as required. Integrations are managed in a documented and expandable fashion. Scheduled FME processes send the integrated data to PostGIS, which QlikView is connected to. Their analysts can visualize all of the data they need in Qlik, and their data is more valuable as a result.

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