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Utah Department of Transportation implements statewide e-ticketing system

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) provides transportation choices through a multimodal transportation system that strengthens the economy and enhances quality of life in communities throughout the state.

Optimizing workflows with data integration

UDOT wanted to implement e-Ticketing for materials data to streamline inspection, enhance safety, and improve project administration.

They used FME alongside ArcGIS Online and Survey123 to create a system that enables materials suppliers to send e-Tickets in real-time and allows inspectors to access and edit ticket information on mobile devices. In the background, FME enables suppliers to send material information whenever a ticket is created and automatically integrates ticket data into an enterprise geodatabase.

80% reduction in processing time

UDOT has now implemented a statewide e-Ticketing system with four big suppliers covering a majority of asphalt materials. Digitized workflows standardized the collection and sharing of materials data for project coordination, documentation, and billing with substantial cost savings.

Instead of handling paper tickets, inspectors and office managers can process e-Tickets with increased safety, efficiency, and accuracy. With positive feedback from all stakeholders, UDOT is looking to implement e-Ticketing for more materials and assets. 

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