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Platform Solutions Real-Time Data Stream Processing

Real-time data stream processing: Empowering better decision-making.

Process and analyze data streams, delivering continuous insights in real time. Transform your data streams into a powerful source of decision-making intelligence.

Discover a world of features, benefits, and key capabilities.

Discover a world of features, benefits, and key capabilities.

How real-time data stream processing can help you.


Improve decision-making speed and accuracy

Leverage the power of stream processing to gain immediate access to actionable insights from your data. Stream processing allows businesses to analyze and interpret data immediately, making decision-making more accurate and more effective.

Respond in real-time to changing conditions

Equip your organization to respond efficiently to changing conditions by continuously monitoring data and interactions. FME enables immediate action based on real-time insights, ensuring your business remains competitive and agile in rapidly evolving environments.

Improve operational efficiency

With our stream processing you can analyze your data and then store what you want. This flexibility enhances performance by eliminating delays associated with writing data first and running analysis later. It also reduces the need for extensive data storage. By adopting stream processing, organizations can process data streams more effectively and economically.

Key capabilities

FME Flow Streams

Make quicker, more informed decisions with real-time data streams

FME Flow Streams enables you to process high-velocity data continuously. Our scalable in-memory processing allows you to manage both high and low volume data streams, ensuring optimal performance in every context.

Advanced Techniques

Analyze data streams effectively

FME enables you to run all the typical stream processing patterns including windowing – breaking up streams into groups – for effective stream analysis. Save on time, storage space and processing workloads.

Scalable Processing

Ensure your data processing capabilities grow as your data does

Scale your processing against a stream as your data volumes increase. Stay agile to your needs and process upwards of millions of messages a minute.

Broad Connectivity

Connect without limits with broad connectors that support stream mode

Compatible with major message brokers such as MQTT, Kafka, SQS, and RabbitMQ.

Spatial Expertise

Unlock deeper insights with spatial context

Leverage real-time geospatial or location data to expand the insights delivered to your organization.

Forest fire
Emergency Services

How FME fuels Ignis Technologies’ revolutionary firefighting app

“When you’re trying to develop an app to pilot test and get into the market, you have limited amounts of time. Time is a valuable resource, and FME has really helped us so we can shift our focus to other problems that don’t have an easy solution like FME.”

Andrew Dixon
Co-Founder, Ignis Technologies

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