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How FME fuels Ignis Technologies’ revolutionary firefighting app

Ignis Technologies’ mission is to revolutionize firefighting intelligence. Focused on enhancing information dissemination and communication for firefighters in real time, the Ignis app, powered by FME, stands as a beacon of innovation in an industry grappling with the intensifying challenges of global forest fires.
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Harnessing innovation for firefighting: Ignis Technologies’ FME journey

Ignis Technologies was created in 2020 in Bozeman, Montana with a mission: to enhance firefighting intelligence. Founder Andrew Dixon, leveraging over a decade of firefighting experience, recognized the urgent need for a more efficient system that enhances information flow and communication among firefighters. With forest fires intensifying globally and becoming more difficult to manage, Ignis focused on overcoming the limitations of conventional tools, which often left firefighters scrambling to gather critical data from disparate sources under extreme pressure. The solution was clear – the development of the Ignis app, powered by FME, to offer seamless data integration and real-time intelligence.

Ignis stands out in its focus on wildland firefighters, providing them with real-time, location-based intelligence. When dispatched, firefighters receive tailored updates, essential contacts, and communication plans relevant to their specific zone. The heart of Ignis lies in its dynamic map, which integrates diverse datasets from across the country, displaying current fire conditions, emerging incidents, and weather patterns, all crucial for situational awareness and decision-making during fires.

The application’s efficiency spans three critical stages of firefighting. In the early preposition stage, Ignis guides federal resources based on fire risk assessments, offering vital intelligence away from home bases. During initial attacks when the fire is occurring, it serves as a common operational platform, pooling resources effectively. In extended attacks, lasting weeks or months, Ignis continues to deliver relevant, daily updates, proving indispensable in prolonged firefighting efforts.

FME: The backbone of Ignis’s data strategy

Central to Ignis’s operational efficiency is FME, acting as the data wrangler within their ETL processes. FME’s strong data integration capabilities consolidate information from approximately 25 different datasets – ranging from live fire incidents to weather conditions – and ensures this data is field-ready and updated within a short 30-second window.

The streamlined FME process allowed Ignis’s small team of two engineers to import around 25 diverse data layers into the Ignis app’s map swiftly, a feat that would have otherwise been challenging and time-consuming. This efficiency, along with their use of customization and scheduling of automations in FME Flow, not only accelerated the app’s development but also negated the need for additional engineering hires, resulting in significant cost savings. Consequently, the team expedited Ignis’s market launch by three months, achieving this milestone within a mere three months of development.

Ignis, with the support of FME, has not only streamlined data accessibility for firefighters but also significantly reduced their operational costs and time-to-market. The Ignis app stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology in transforming critical public safety services, showcasing how FME plays a role in transforming visionary ideas into unprecedented, powerful tools.

months shaved off market launch time
seconds for new data to become viewable in app
“When you’re trying to develop an app to pilot test and get into the market, you have limited amounts of time. Time is a valuable resource, and FME has really helped us so we can shift our focus to other problems that don’t have an easy solution like FME.”
Andrew Dixon
Co-Founder, Ignis Technologies
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