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Discover your competitive advantage with real-time location intelligence.

Kickstart your business with location-driven insights.

Get a 360 degree perspective on your business and your customers with enhanced data at your fingertips.
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Integrate Data

Achieve business results faster by using FME to connect customer, business and spatial data.

Actionable Decision Making

Combine spatial data with demographic and firmographic data to know exactly where your business will prosper.

Save Time

Automate information sharing, document management, and tedious manual tasks so you can run your business efficiently.

Know Your Customers

Uncover insights and patterns to deliver a better customer experience.

Discover even more ways FME can help your business.

FME Subscriptions designed to meet the needs of modern retail.

Whether it’s new innovations or new customer habits, your industry is always changing. You need a pricing solution that can keep up.
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Evolving Service

As your deployment needs change, so can your subscription.

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Industry Specific Options

We offer subscriptions tailored to retail such as pricing designed to scale up and down with your business.

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Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access to the FME Platform from the start for your entire organization.

Find out where location data is already giving businesses a competitive advantage.

Grocery Store Stocking

tapestry implements data virtualization with FME

ROI potentially gained by retailers monetizing their data to their suppliers

FME is the integration backbone of tapestry’s data virtualization layer for their Retail+ and Supply+ products, helping them tackle legacy system challenges, synchronize data, and easily automate processes.

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McDonald’s China leverages location intelligence for site expansion

McDonald’s China needed to integrate data to power business decisions such as new restaurant site selection, growth modelling, and delivery modelling.

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You may have questions about how this works.

Speed up your projects by subscribing your organization to an Enterprise Subscription instead of managing numerous one-off licenses. For a lower up-front cost your team can deploy any combination of FME Form and FME Flow within your chosen price.

You have two choices for existing FME licenses:

  1. You continue paying maintenance on your licenses separately. Choosing this option will not count towards your threshold asset value.
  2. Or, you can roll your licenses into the Enterprise Subscription and pay the annual flat fee. This will ensure that maintenance for all your licenses are included in your new cost.

Yes. We provide a prorated credit for the number of months remaining in your AMC total. This will go towards your Enterprise Subscription for the first year.

The pricing displayed in the tiers are based on our list prices. Please refer to your regional price list for accurate pricing.

Yes. The Enterprise Subscription gives you the option for two additional one-year renewals using the same Tier Level pricing grid.

Yes. When you cross the tier threshold you will pay the new tier rate at your renewal date.

Contact the Safe Software sales team or your existing partner and we would be happy to discuss your Enterprise Subscription needs.

Yes. You can subscribe to an Enterprise Subscription subscription for one year and use it for your project.

We recognize the importance of providing useful and timely support to our users and believe it’s part of what sets Safe apart. Learn more about our support policy.

FME licenses that are purchased individually have a perpetual term. This grants continuous use of your FME licenses, but in order to receive upgrades and support, you will have to purchase annual maintenance.

FME licenses used under the Enterprise Subscription will timeout at the end of the subscription period unless you renew. You will have full access to support and upgrades at no additional cost during the subscription period.

“FME is our main software for business and spatial data translation and transformation. It greatly improved the efficiency of GIS service and online reporting service.”
Annie Ye
McDonald’s China