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The world is multidimensional, and so is your data. Gain a more realistic view with 3D.

Tell a better story about your operation.

Data Integration

Drape raster imagery over your 3D data to enhance or integrate with hundreds of other data types.

Data Visualization

View data in FME, build digital cities in Cesium or i3s, or experience your data with FME-driven Augmented Reality.

Extrude 2D

FME can help you enhance your data by extruding 2D models or blueprints.

Extended Support

FME supports a wide range of 3D formats such as point cloud, meshes and more, so you can integrate from multiple sources.

Create Immersive Environments

Connect to platforms like Unreal Engine to enhance your custom world.

Data Automation

Automate updates to any system you have with FME to save you time.

FME supports an ever-growing range of data types.

Some popular use cases for this data type

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Connect everyone to the data that they need. Combine and enrich data views by pulling all the data to get holistic insights of your organization.

3D Spatial Data

Get your applications talking! No more double entry and the data flows in real time as your applications work together in concert.

Mixed Reality

Whether it be event data or high speed data streams from devices, IoT, or applications. Understand and know what is happening “now”.

Gaming Environments

Easily build web applications for your users. Anyone can do it. With the FME Platform.

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