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CAE creates realistic 3D visuals for flight training

CAE is a worldwide leader in training and simulation for the civil aviation, defense, and healthcare markets.

CAE’s international fleet of full flight simulators offer pilots of all experience levels a realistic environment for training and certification

Their visual systems rely on a broad range of data, and FME helps provide the most immersive and accurate training experience possible.

By creating light maps and integrating them with OpenStreetMaps (OSM) data, CAE simulates night scenes and delivers stunning night flying scenarios. CAE has also synthesized winter scenes, using FME to composite OSM data street data and virtually plow roads.

FME regularly saves the team time and makes complex data manipulation challenges a breeze. Manual data transformation tasks that previously took 2-3 days have been replaced with a series of automated workspaces. Now, once a month, someone drops a file into their system and FME processes it in five different ways, complete with automated alerts being sent to stakeholders via email.

days of work automated each month
“I have a lot of co-op students, and they all come out being FME converts, because it’s a very powerful tool.”
Joanna Hobbins
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