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WSP uses FME for problem-solving and efficient product delivery

WSP is ranked among the top 10 professional services firms in the world.
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FME makes impossible projects possible

WSP views FME as the ultimate problem-solving tool. They use FME to address many production and workflow issues that were too challenging to solve with CAD or GIS software.

Using FME to build workflows and for automation and sharing, WSP has conceptualized 3D site plans, performed coordinate system reprojections on LiDAR data, moved data between CAD & GIS systems while performing QC, and made archival data from all projects available in a single KML file. Trimble Job Book data, Georeferenced photos, Garmin GPX data, and more can be tracked and visualized by map navigation in Google Earth or via hot links in their Excel project management spreadsheet.

Once workflows are set up, they run automatically. FME has made these difficult-to-solve projects possible and highly efficient.

“We deal with a whole bunch of different types of data, and that’s where FME becomes a real key. I don’t touch the engineer’s data; I read it from FME and then convert it.”
Tim Albert
Manager, GIS Services, WSP
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