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Customer Stories Transport for London reduces data processing time by 13 weeks per year

Transport for London reduces data processing time by 13 weeks per year

Transport for London is a local government body responsible for operation of transportation networks, including the London Underground rapid transit system, in London, England.
London underground London underground

This work was done in collaboration with Safe Software partner 1Spatial Group Limited.

Efficiently mitigating station flood risk

The London Underground transit system needed a data integration process to support flood risk mitigation for their 270 stations.

To determine which assets were at highest risk, the team collected 5,000 datasets including terrain, groundwater, and water main location information. They chose FME to automate the complex integration process, and Safe Software partner 1Spatial to deliver FME training and consultancy.

By using FME, they reduced data processing time by 13 weeks per year and delivered a more accurate output, while saving £15,000 in survey work. When future updates are required, workflows can be re-run to deliver accurate and reliable information to users and decision makers in their preferred system, freeing the GIS team from repetitive data integration tasks.

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“FME is quite intuitive. You don’t need a programming background to use it. I’m largely self-taught and used the FME Knowledge Base and 1Spatial’s support to learn how to do things.”
Naomi Ang
Transport for London
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