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Transforming operations at the City of Dublin, Ohio with FME

The City of Dublin, Ohio is using FME to extend the power of their small Performance Analytics team.
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Bridging the gap between systems

The City of Dublin, Ohio has a small but efficient 4-person Performance Analytics team that supports the city’s efforts to enhance services for residents.

The team is using FME to streamline data processes and transfer data across systems, making it more usable for internal city departments and managers. This data helps answer crucial questions concerning city services performance in areas like public safety and street services. FME is essential for extracting valuable data from asset management systems like Cityworks and making it accessible through visualization platforms like Tableau and ArcGIS Online.

With data moving across systems with ease, the team is empowered to think of and deliver more expansive and streamlined solutions. For example, FME aids in moving their data to cloud infrastructure and efficiently managing over 900 different layers in their city GIS database. The flexibility to support both on-premise and web-integrated processes has proven invaluable.

Without FME, the vision for what could be accomplished for the city and their goals for the future would have to be scaled back. FME accelerates the City of Dublin’s operational capabilities and is crucial to its success in managing data and improving city services.

“FME has allowed us to think bigger in the kinds of things we can do at the city, especially with a small staff.”
Langdon Sanders
Senior Data Analyst
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