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Surrey Heath Borough Council streamlines data integration across the enterprise

Surrey Heath needed a solution built for data variety, enterprise integration, scalable automation, and flexible deployment options.

By increasing its operational efficiency, Surrey Heath can provide better public services

Located in Southeast England, the Surrey Heath Borough Council’s mandate is to provide its community with public services and infrastructure that ensure that it is a great place to live, work and visit.

Surrey Heath saw the opportunity to operate more efficiently by adopting more cloud-based solutions like Salesforce and Amazon Web Services. Though they were excited to modernize and move to the cloud, they quickly realized there were hurdles to overcome. They wanted to ensure their legacy on-premise database could be integrated with when necessary and feared it would become siloed. They also wanted to synchronize data in systems across the organization automatically.

They needed an integration solution that not only supported a wide range of formats and data transformation functionality but that could connect to APIs and automate data migration workflows.

How they made it possible – with enterprise integration

Working with Sterling Geo, they employed FME Form and FME Flow Hosted as an enterprise integration solution between their on-premises and cloud systems. FME provides the format support, API connectivity and data transformation capabilities necessary to build the desired integration workflows.

With FME, Surrey Heath can ship legacy data to the cloud, run scheduled data validation workflows, display live RSS feeds, and synchronize data across the organization in near real-time.

Surrey Heath also uses FME to regularly publish finance data as part of a 2015 transparency code for local government. With a few simple transformers, they can receive, format, and write this data to the web without any manual intervention. Watch the video.

By enabling the integration of systems, on-premises and in the cloud, data silos were no longer something to fear. With up-to-date data across the enterprise, Surrey Heath can focus on analysis and planning to provide better services to the community.

“Not only does FME enable us to provide unprecedented access to our data, both to staff and the public, but it also gives us the ability to automate data processing tasks releasing time to focus on developing ways to use data effectively.”
David McDermott
Surrey Heath Borough Council
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