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Indiana integrated 80+ counties to create a state-wide GIS data portal

The State of Indiana uses FME to streamline the integration of GIS data into a central repository for public access.

The State of Indiana had disparate regional data that they wanted to democratize for public use

There are 92 counties in Indiana, each with its data management practices and datasets. Many of them shared a goal of wanting to aggregate and standardize several critical datasets into a central repository.

However, with limited resources, it was important for the data-sharing process to be non-invasive and not require that counties change their current methodologies, formats, data models, and platforms. They also worked with sensitive data and needed a solution that could verify data without including personal information.

How they made it possible – using the #1 tool for spatial data integration

FME integrates and shares data from the various GIS systems of 80+ counties. Each county delivered their data via OGC WFS streams, where FME took over, transforming and homogenizing it into a central Esri ArcSDE repository. All repo data is available through the IndianaMap online GIS portal.

The State of Indiana’s state-wide data portal is relied on for economic development, environmental protection, emergency response and more. FME made this possible by saving time and money and gaining critical county participation by allowing counties to keep their particular data practices while contributing to a state-level standard. 

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“FME was the best solution we knew of, and had we tried to do it another way, we probably would have failed before we even got started.”
Jim Sparks
Geographic Information Officer, State of Indiana
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