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FME helps NAV CANADA optimize aeronautical data management

NAV CANADA is the country's civil air navigation service provider, responsible for managing and maintaining safe and efficient air traffic operations across Canada.

This work was done in collaboration with Safe Software partner Spatial DNA.

Spatial DNA empowers NAV CANADA to manage aeronautical data

NAV CANADA needed to efficiently manage and update a large volume of aeronautical data to ensure safe and efficient air traffic operations across Canada. To optimize their aeronautical data management system, they sought the expertise of Spatial DNA to streamline their data integration and transformation processes.

Using FME, Spatial DNA created repeatable workflows that performed various tasks such as creating XML-based transactional update messages and restructuring 3D airspace descriptions for several thousand features in Canada, all without code.

These workflows successfully integrated and transformed several hundred flight path designs used in aircraft auto-navigation systems, improving the overall quality of the data as it was processed. The streamlined process also enabled NAV CANADA to efficiently manage their national aeronautical data management system.

NAV CANADA effectively manages and updates their aeronautical data, resulting in safer and more efficient air traffic operations across Canada. Spatial DNA’s strategic insight and expertise in integrating spatial data and technology into corporate information systems enabled NAV CANADA to achieve their data management goals with ease.

“FME’s really been invaluable.”
Todd Lewis
Founder, CEO, Spatial DNA
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