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Enet’s digital transformation: streamlining network routing with automated solutions

Enet has transformed their network routing process by implementing an automated self-service portal with FME. The team has increased efficiency and reclaimed 12 resource hours per week, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.
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This work was done in collaboration with Safe Software partner IMGS.

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Enet was faced with a piling list of routing requests, demanding extensive manual processes and team resources

Enet is Ireland’s largest open-access network provider. They build and operate the largest alternative wholesale telecoms network in Ireland, which is facilitating the delivery of affordable world-class broadband and wireless services to homes and businesses nationwide. 

Faced with an extensive manual process to handle network routing requests, Enet sought to modernize their approach. A monthly influx of 120 requests consumed valuable time and resources, taking ten days per month to reply to. To achieve greater operational efficiency, the team needed a process that was user-friendly, efficient, secure, and auditable.    

Enet turned to IMGS to overcome manual inefficiencies

To efficiently manage requests, Safe Software partner, IMGS developed “Click Before You Dig,” an automated self-service portal driven by FME Flow and an IMGS Mapping Portal. Click Before You Dig offers members of the public and interested third parties access to network data before they begin construction. Contractors simply draw a polygon around an area of question, designate a reference number, and submit their request to view the Enet network data. 

Powered by FME Flow, the self-service portal then validates the user’s request, compiles data based on the selected area of interest, and emails the user a PDF report. If a network is identified within the area of interest, the requestor may then request a site survey from an Enet field agent. The requestor will also be notified if no network exists in the area.

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FME has been a game-changer for Enet. The automated portal eliminates the need for manual intervention: requests are responded to in under 60 seconds, thereby saving significant time and resources previously dedicated to manual processes. For requesters, The Click Before You Dig portal offers a streamlined way to receive timely information. As a result, Enet has reclaimed 12 resource hours per week, allowing their planning team to redirect their focus to strategic initiatives and negating the need for additional hires.

Today, Enet maintains a fully operational customer portal, seamlessly managing monthly requests with minimal internal oversight.  Beyond enhancing customer satisfaction, the portal’s success has paved the way for broader automation initiatives with Enet’s operations. From streamlining GIS tasks, to performing networking analysis and facilitating internal requests, FME has become an indispensable asset across the organization.

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“FME started as a GIS tool in our Planning Team, but since has grown to a large-scale data manipulator across our organization.”
Ronan McDonogh
Network Planning Manager, Enet
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