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FME World Tour 2018 Registration is Open

Registration is officially open for the FME World Tour 2018! Save your seat to jump on the chance to learn from the experts. Whether you’re new to FME or a...

Registration is officially open for the FME World Tour 2018! Save your seat to jump on the chance to learn from the experts. Whether you’re new to FME or a life-long user, you can expect a full day of knowledge at this exciting event.

FME World Tour 2018: What’s in it for you?

The Safe Software team embarks on the FME World Tour (FMEWT) every April, visiting 70+ cities around the world in a short timeframe to share all the latest trends and tips for overcoming your top data challenges. Quick facts:

  • Discover what’s new in this FME release and what’s coming next
  • Network with FME users and experts
  • Take home free swag
  • Learn time-saving tips and best practices from Safe’s FME experts, including live demos
  • Hear stories and advice from FMEers during User Presentations
  • Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks are included
  • 99.7% of last year’s attendees would recommend the FMEWT to a friend or colleague

Here’s what a typical FME World Tour 2018 day will look like.

Introduction & Getting Started with FME 2018

Kick off the day by meeting the Safe team (four of us usually visit each city) and see what’s new in FME Desktop 2018. We’ll do a live demo of exciting new functionality and give out free swag and resources (like the coveted transformer guides).

Actual photo from what was indisputably the best team on the FME World Tour 2017.

FME Workspace Authoring 2018: Tips and Tricks

This coming release, building FME Workspaces will be a brand new, more efficient experience. Learn how to navigate the new interface and get tips for making your data transformation workflows more powerful than ever.

Redesigned FME Server 2018

FME Server workflows are redesigned for 2018, and this session will focus on how to use the new interface to overcome common data automation challenges.

FME User Presentations: The Data Lifecycle

From planning to prototyping to production, FME is a key part of the data lifecycle in many industries. People from your city who use FME will take the mic to share stories of how they solved their toughest data challenges.

By the way, if you use FME and are attending the FMEWT, we would love to have you present! Your talk can be short and sweet, 10-20 minutes, and you’ll get awesome recognition and swag. Learn more.

FME Around The World

Similar to the above, Safe Software presenters will do a series of lightning talks to showcase how people around the world are using FME to solve their everyday challenges, big and small.

Integrating Data Ecosystems with FME

The afternoon’s technical sessions will hone in on various data ecosystems and how they can work together. You’ll see live demos of how to use FME to integrate and transform various formats. These sessions will include some combination of rasters (satellites, drones, etc), 3D and venue mapping, web data and reporting, and databases. For cities with a dominant industry, we’ll also include a talk focusing on that industry — e.g. Calgary will have a talk focused on using FME for oil and gas, with demos on topics like linear referencing.

Wrap-Up & Prizes

As always, we close with an interactive wrap-up game and a demo to reiterate all you’ve learned today. You’ll get lots of chances to win great prizes!

Data Ecosystems

Ecosystems are the theme for the FMEWT 2018. We looked at all the new formats and functionality going into FME 2018 and noticed a beautiful symmetry in the way data in today’s world is extracted, transformed, and sent to a meaningful output system that enables more data to be gathered and the cycle to continue. It’s like the rainfall cycle, so we built on that visual. We also consider different data systems, like GIS, databases, and business intelligence, to be like ecosystems, rich and diverse and each offering something unique to the world of information exchange.

Something different this year

We’re charging a small fee ($25) for Safe Software-hosted stops, where in past years the FMEWT has been free. This is simply to curb no-shows. A lot of people register for the events each year, and we prepare for that number and bring swag for everyone and book a big enough room and prepare all of the food and… well, some people don’t show up. To avoid wasting resources, to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing paper and food waste, and to make sure we prepare for the right number of attendees, we’ve added a tiny fee. These fees will go straight back to the community. That is, 100% of the cost will be donated to the local food bank in that city.


See you there! Stay tuned for finalized agendas and other updates.

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