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21 Presentation Ideas for FME UC 2022

Speak to any past FME User Conference attendees, and they’ll tell you that aside from the amazing food, out-of-this-world party, and packed swag bags, customer presentations are one of the...

Speak to any past FME User Conference attendees, and they’ll tell you that aside from the amazing food, out-of-this-world party, and packed swag bags, customer presentations are one of the most memorable parts of their FME UC experience. This blog post will cover presentation ideas that you could cover!

Gourmet food, evening social, and swag items from the FME UC 2017. Read our 10 Reasons to be Excited for the FME UC 2020.


Over the course of a week, we set the stage for FME users from around the world to share their stories. Why wouldn’t you want to share your ideas with data lovers who also share a passion for FME branded socks, transformer guides, and beautiful, well-designed workspaces?

Submit your presentation idea now

After delivering your 20-minute presentation to your captive audience in the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre, you’ll get to bask in the glory of your success. Your story will reach far beyond the conference on our customer gallery (with your permission of course) to inspire thousands more.

You don’t need to be an expert to present at the FME UC. In fact, the reason our customer presentations are rated so highly is that we get to hear stories from users of all skill levels, from “first-timers” through to FME Certified Professionals.

Here are 5 reasons why you should become a presenter.

  1. Establish yourself as a data champion in the FME Community.
  2. Receive exclusive FME UC speaker swag and discounted speaker pricing. Enough said.
  3. Inspire other FME users with creative, time-saving, and fun ideas.
  4. Unlock unique networking opportunities with Safe Software’s global partners, technology alliances and fellow FME users.
  5. Geek out with FME and have fun doing it!

Can’t decide on what to present? Here are some ideas to get you started.   

As demonstrated by the presentation gallery, data challenges stretch far and wide. Here are 21 examples of things we’re interested in hearing about.

  1. You’ve integrated data from a few systems that traditionally don’t get along very well.
  2. You built a workflow that distributes or streams data.
  3. You’ve come up with a way to automate an everyday task.
  4. “Impossible! This cannot be done,” they said, and you whipped out FME and yelled, “Oh, yes it can!”
  5. Your job description involves processing a boatload of data, and FME has made that easier.
  6. You’re new to FME and tackled your first project. (We do love crazy mind-melt workspaces, but basic ones are just as important. A lot of attendees are beginners and will be inspired by your first FME workspace.)
  7. You used to have recurring nightmares about your job, and then you met FME, and now FME is the metaphorical dreamcatcher to help you sleep in peace.
  8. You made a custom transformer that tackles a problem people in your industry face all the time.
  9. You did something, anything, with XML. Seriously, Don will be thrilled.
  10. You have access to new, cutting-edge data and can show off how you work with it.
  11. You made an FME plug-in or integrated FME technology into another application.
  12. You’re pretty good at this whole FME thing, and you have tips and tricks to share.
  13. A particular area of technology is your specialty, like web services or 3D modelling, and you can share some knowledge.
  14. You made a pretty data dashboard.
  15. You did something crazy. (Not like eating a bug for money, but like making a workspace that turns music into point clouds.)
  16. You’re involved with open data or open source software.
  17. You’ve launched a website, data portal, or application that’s powered in part by FME.
  18. When you finished building your workspace, clicked that little green “Run” button, and watched the FME magic happen, you wept tears of joy.
  19. You have an intensive data QA/QC process.
  20. You’re a student, nonprofit, teacher/prof, or researcher who has done something with FME.
  21. You just want to look really good in front of your boss.

Want more ideas and examples from previous events? Browse presentations from the FME UC 2014 and past FME World Tours.

Presentation from the FME UC 2014.
Presentation from the FME UC 2014.

Browse through our presentation gallery to get inspired by examples from past FME UC events.

Let’s celebrate your success together on the FME UC stage. 


Submit your presentation


Can’t make it to the FME User Conference? We have 70+ stops scheduled for the FME World Tour and we are still looking for presenters! Submit your story today for the FME World Tour.


FME UC locationFME would be a blank canvas without you. We know you’re doing amazing things with your data, and we want to see it. So does everyone else who uses FME. That’s why entire portions of the FME UC and FME World Tour are dedicated to user presentations.

The FME UC only happens every three years, so we’re holding nothing back. It’s going to be epic — not to mention keynote speaker Chris Hadfield. If you can’t make it to Vancouver in May, the annual FME World Tour likely has a stop near you. Either way, you have an opportunity to present and get recognized for your work.

Submit your FME UC presentation abstract

Submit your FME World Tour presentation abstract

What does an FME UC or FME World Tour presentation involve?

Presentations last 10 or 20 minutes. You start by giving a bit of context and going over the problem you faced, and then explain how you solved it. You show us your workspace, or at least a piece of it, and spend a few minutes diving into how you did it. That’s it. You bask in glory, the audience learns something, we present you with prestigious swag … everybody wins.

FME UC breakout session presentation
Customer presentations: Here’s a typical FME UC breakout session.

But I don’t like public speaking!

Hardly anyone does. Are you going to let that hold you back from greatness? What if Winston Churchill had said “nevermind” because he was too nervous? Hm?

It’s not a big deal. We’re all geogeeks here and we just want to see what you’ve done with FME. Go for it! Let’s see what you’ve got!

Submit your FME UC presentation abstract

Submit your FME World Tour presentation abstract

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