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FME Blog On the FME Odyssey Road Again

On the FME Odyssey Road Again

It has been great to be home for a few months now, especially during the “Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 & 2011”. Amid the...

It has been great to be home for a few months now, especially during the “Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 & 2011”. Amid the frantic activity here in Vancouver related to this cool sporting event, a group of Safers is busily prepping for a transcontinental multi-city FME tour-de-force with Don and myself in March.

FME days 2010 in Germany
We’re going to kick things off in Germany and co-present at thefme2008_che FME days 2010 conference in Münster, which has sessions in both English and German. If you’re in Europe and are interested in a top notch FME event, then this is a must attend. Don and I are always amazed, challenged, and humbled by what we see our European users accomplish, and always leave with a much broadened idea of how FME can be used. I’ve no doubt that FME users of any level would find this a very worthwhile event.

2010: An FME Odyssey in the United States and Canada
Don and I will find our way back across the pond (if our airlines resolve their strikes — ouch and yikes) by March 22nd, when our North American 10-city-in-5-(business)-day tour of FME regional user meetings kicks off in Tampa. We thought of using CNN-style holographic technology to allow us to present the way we both love to – together – but that will have to wait for 3001: The Final FME Odyssey. Don will be doing the cities on the Eastern side of the Mississippi, and I’ll be in the more familiar time zones on this side. With help on the road from Safe’s top rated professional services and sales folks, we’ll be hitting Tampa (Mar 22), Atlanta (Mar 23), Houston (Mar 23), Chicago (Mar 24), Denver (Mar 24), Washington DC (Mar 25), San Francisco (Mar 25), Toronto (Mar 26), and Calgary (Mar 26), before finishing up in Vancouver (Mar 29). Don and I will be picking up the tab for the events in these 10 cities, so feel free to register no matter what your level of experience with FME.

We’ve got great customer stories lined up at all the events, Don and I will be talking about the key productivity enhancing features of FME 2010 as well as musing about future directions we see FME taking in the worlds of 3D, BIM and the Cloud. fme-odysseyWe’ll also have time for attendees to spend some time with an FME Doctor to get to the root of any FME questions or challenges they may have. For us, it will be a very important chance for the Safe team to learn from our customers about how we might be able to do something better; how FME might be able to ease their data pain much more effectively if we did just one more thing here or there; or how FME has turned them from mild mannered GIS masters into full blown space-faring data slinging superheroes. We’re up for it all.

I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible in the weeks ahead, but until then, hey I’ve got some “cool sporting events” to watch and some packing to do.

So in the words of my childhood hero Willie Nelson:

    On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again.

    The life I love is talking FME with my friends. And I can’t wait to get on the road again…

Hope to see you there!

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