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You Bring Life to Data

Unlock Your Data Personality with the #MyDataType Filter

Are you more Structured Data or Big Data? Click to open the filter in Instagram. Hold the record button down, tap the circle above your head, and watch as the filter cycles through different data types to reveal your unique data personality. Don’t forget to share your result on your story or feed with the hashtag #MyDataType
data type stickers

What does your data type mean?

Each data type represents a unique approach to life and work. Scroll down to read the definitions and find out what your data type says about you.
Structured Data

You’re organized, methodical, and everything in your life is neatly categorized and compartmentalized.

Unstructured Data

You’re free-spirited, unpredictable, and you tend to resist being put in a box.

Big Data

You have a large personality, full of complex layers and dimensions that can’t be easily processed or understood.

Relational Data

You value relationships, you’re good at making connections and seeing how things fit together.

Quantitative Data

You’re logical, analytical, and you prefer hard facts and numbers.

Qualitative Data

You’re empathetic, intuitive, and you understand the importance of feelings and experiences.


You’re reflective and self-aware, often thinking about your own thinking.

Real-Time Data

You’re spontaneous and live in the moment, preferring immediate action over delayed responses.

Dirty Data

You’re a bit of a wild card, not always making sense to others, but you add a unique and interesting flavor to any situation.

Legacy Data

You’re traditional and value the wisdom and experiences of the past.

Dark Data

You’re mysterious and enigmatic, with depths that are yet to be explored.

Open Data

You’re an open book, sharing freely about yourself with others.

Spatial Data

You’re great at “mapping out” social landscapes and understanding your place in them.