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FME Campus Webinars How to Use FME as an Enterprise Integration Platform

How to Use FME as an Enterprise Integration Platform

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Aaron Koning
Guest Speaker: Gerald Dotson (Grant County PUD)

Webinar Details

Continuous digital transformation at an organization brings challenges in integrating new technology - CRM, CIS, financial systems, cloud computing, internet of things, and countless web applications - with legacy systems. The rapidly evolving nature of these new solutions requires an enterprise integration solution that is quick to deploy and flexible enough to adjust easily to inevitable changes.

Through examples, this webinar will outline how FME can be used as an integration layer around these types of systems - including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics GP, web applications - and replace legacy code with a flexible, long-term solution.

With guest speaker Gerald Dotson, Senior Data Architect, Grant County Public Utility District.