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FME Campus Webinars Igniting Next Level Productivity with AI-Infused Data Integration Workflows

Igniting Next Level Productivity with AI-Infused Data Integration Workflows

Table of Contents
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Darren Fergus, Locus
Christopher Britsch, con terra
Dennis Wilhelm, con terra
Oliver Morris, Avineon-Tensing
Dale Lutz, Safe Software
Dmitri Bagh, Safe Software

Webinar Details

Learn where FME meets AI in this upcoming webinar to offer you incredible time savings. This webinar is tailored to ignite imaginations and offer solutions to your data integration challenges. As the new digital era sets sail on the winds of AI, the tangibility of its integration in our daily schema is unfolding.

Segment 1, titled “AI: The Good, the Bad and the FME” by Darren Fergus of Locus, navigates through the realms of AI, scrutinizing its pervasive impact while underscoring the symbiotic potential of FME and AI. Join in an engaging demonstration as FME and ChatGPT collaboratively orchestrate a PowerPoint narrative, epitomizing the alliance of AI with human ingenuity.

In Segment 2, “Integrating GeoAI Models in FME” by Dennis Wilhelm and Dr. Christopher Britsch of con terra GmbH, the spotlight veers towards operationalizing AI in our daily tasks through FME. A practical approach to embedding GeoAI Models into FME Workspaces is unveiled, showcasing the ease of incorporating AI-driven methodologies into your FME workflows, skyrocketing productivity levels.

To follow, Segment 3, "Unleash generative AI on your terms!" by Oliver Morris of Avineon-Tensing. While the prospects of Generative AI are thrilling, security and IT reservations, especially with 'phone home' tools, are genuine concerns. However, with open-source tools, you can locally harness large language models. In this demo, we'll unravel the magic of local AI deployment and its seamless integration into an FME workspace.

Bonus! Dmitri will join us for a fourth segment to tie us off, showcasing what he has been up to this week, including using OpenAI API for texturing in FME, amoung other projects.

Join us to explore the synergy of FME and AI: opening portals to a realm of revolutionized productivity and enriched user experiences.