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FME Campus Webinars

Getting Started with Enterprise Integration in Automations

Table of Contents
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Don Murray
Jen Luther Thomas

Webinar Details

FME is widely known for its data transformation capabilities. However, hundreds of customers are beginning to discover how FME makes it easier than ever to connect their organization’s applications together and automate complex IT processes. This concept is commonly known as “enterprise integration” in the IT world.

Often people assume enterprise integration can only be achieved by developers. With the FME Platform, anyone, including users with no coding experience can do it. In this webinar, learn how you can get started implementing enterprise integration to save your organization time and money.

Presenters Don & Jen will:

  • Introduce the importance of enterprise integration & Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Walk through demos of how to build common Enterprise Integration Patterns using the FME Platform with no code
  • Share resources to help get you started

Spend less time completing manual, repetitive tasks. Take your FME skills to the next level and improve processes within your organization.