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FME Campus Webinars Geospatial Synergy: Amplifying Efficiency with FME & Esri

Geospatial Synergy: Amplifying Efficiency with FME & Esri

Table of Contents
Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Jan Roggisch, Locus
James Botterill, 1Spatial
Dale Lutz, Safe Software

Webinar Details

Dive deep into the world of geospatial data management and transformation in our upcoming webinar focusing on the powerful integration of FME and Esri technologies. This insightful session comprises two compelling segments aimed at enhancing your geospatial workflows, while minimizing operational hurdles.

In the first segment, guest speaker Jan Roggisch from Locus unveils how Auckland Council triumphed over the challenges of handling large, frequent data updates on ArcGIS Online using FME. Discover the journey from manual data handling to an automated, streamlined process that reduced server downtime from minutes to seconds: setting a new standard for local government organizations.

The second segment, led by James Botterill from 1Spatial, unveils the magic of incorporating ArcPy into your FME workflows. Delve into real-world scenarios where ArcGIS geoprocessing is harmoniously orchestrated within FME using the PythonCaller. Gain insights into raster-vector data conversion, spatial analysis, and a host of practical tips and tricks that empower you to leverage the combined capabilities of FME and Esri for efficient data manipulation and conversion.

Join us to explore the remarkable possibilities that open up when FME and Esri technologies converge – enhancing your ability to manage and transform geospatial data with unprecedented efficiency.