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Gaming with FME

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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Dmitri Bagh

Webinar Details

Just when you thought FME couldn’t be more fun, we’re offering an entire webinar on FME and gaming!

There are two different ways to interpret “Gaming with FME,” so we’re covering both of them. The first type of gaming; using FME to transform real-world data to formats understood by gaming engines like Unreal Engine or Roblox. Practically, this is a great way for businesses to explore their data in a virtual world.

The second type of gaming; building your very own games with FME and using FME to run them. Over the last few years, Dmitri has built some mind-blowing games that have never been featured in a whole webinar before.

Whether you’re a N00b to FME, or having been using it for years, you’re bound to level up your skills in this webinar.