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FME Campus Webinars Exploring Outdoor Infrastructure with AR

Exploring Outdoor Infrastructure with AR

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Dmitri Bagh
Lena Bagh
Don Murray

Webinar Details

When it comes to managing infrastructure and physical assets, Augmented Reality is a game-changer. Using the Augmented Reality of today’s tablets and phones, you can save time and provide new value-added services.

We will show how organizations with outdoor assets can leverage existing data to manage their infrastructure: making common tasks simpler, faster, and cheaper. The possibilities for experiencing data in a new way for city workers, surveyors, utility companies, and construction workers are endless.

Dmitri, our Technical Specialist, will share some of what is possible by taking you into the field where you will visualize this through a live outdoor demo. He will showcase how the day in the life of anyone working on outdoor infrastructure can be made easier with FME and Augmented Reality.

Let us show you how we can help you work smarter, be more productive, all while having fun experiencing your data. We hope to see you there!