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FME Campus Webinars Deploying and Maximizing FME Server

Deploying and Maximizing FME Server

Table of Contents
Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Jennifer Luther Thomas
Don Murray

Webinar Details

FME Server now provides the capabilities to satisfy all the data and application integration needs of organizations. These capabilities come with new ways to deploy and manage FME Server resources.

Whether you currently have FME Server or are considering it, this webinar will cover various deployment scenarios and how to optimize them or move from one to the other. You’ll learn the benefits of different deployments–from simple to complex–and understand how you can get started and grow your deployment over time.

We’ll review dynamic engines, offer insight on maximizing their value, and answer questions like, “When are dynamic engines best and when are standard engines better?”.

Finally, we’ll discuss cost-effective procurement options that are available with FME from perpetual licensing, to subscriptions, and the options for FME Cloud.

Our team of live experts will answer any questions that you may have. At the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of how to deploy FME Server so you can save time, save money, and improve the quality of your data.