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FME Campus Webinars 7 Emerging Data & Enterprise Integration Trends in 2022

7 Emerging Data & Enterprise Integration Trends in 2022

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Don Murray
Dale Lutz

Webinar Details

2021 was a year full of unexpected data integration challenges, but one thing that didn’t change was the continued growth of the importance and value of data. By watching our customers adapt and cope through the consistent application of technology, we’ve learned that the future can be quickly adjusted to if we have up-to-date and readily available data to make decisions.

As we consider the data integration landscape and look forward into 2022, we see a set of trends (some new, some old) that data leaders will need to consider as they work to provide competitive business value to their organizations:

  • The Continued Importance of Spatial
  • Data Ops as a Practice
  • Rising Data Volumes Demand Data Quality
  • Ubiquitous Hardware Supporting Augmented Reality
  • Agile Enterprise Integration Effortlessly Connects Systems
  • Real-Time Data Stream Processing
  • Flexible, Hybrid Deployment Options
  • Cost effective ARM based processing

In this webinar, join co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz as they offer insight and predictions on what’s to come in these areas. To follow, they’ll host a Q&A session where you can get feedback and advice on solutions to your data challenges.