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Cunning Running Software helps counter terrorism prepare for threats

Cunning Running Software develops high quality software solutions globally for defense and homeland security markets.

Cunning Running Software uses FME in their situational awareness solution for defense and law enforcement, speeding their response to terrorists and active shooters.

Their Rocket and Mortar Position Ranking and Analysis System (RAM-PRAS) uses FME to power the data transformation tasks of their custom solution.

Combining raster, vector, and scenario-based data, FME helps identify areas at risk from different types of attacks, while identifying the most likely attack positions to guide law enforcement and other officials. This intelligence is delivered to the front lines in a simple package, with FME automatically handling the merging, sorting, conversions, and delivery via layered PDFs.

Cunning Running Software found other uses for the platform as well. They now leverage FME to conduct their performance-intensive geoprocessing, and to convert incoming mapping to suit their needs.

“Suddenly, I’m a hero because I’m responsive. He sends me a problem in the morning, the following morning he’s got an answer.”
Chris Barrington Brown
Managing Director, Cunning Running Software
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