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Veremes is specialized in providing services around the FME platform: licenses, technical support, training, consulting and hosting. We also edit a range of FME-based applications and extensions for land parcel management, network, webmapping in all kinds of sectors: local authorities, energy, telecom, transportation, defense
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  • Perpignan, France
  • Lyon, France

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Saintes landscape

Eau 17 cuts map processing to a fifth of original time

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“When I discovered FME over 20 years ago, it was a shock. This way of processing data was so revolutionary and so effective! I gave up my job to create Veremes and make FME known in France. Since then, Safe Software has kept its promises and, year after year, has maintained FME's level of excellence and the confidence of its partners and customers.”
Olivier Gayte
CEO & Founder | Veremes
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