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Solutial Soluções e Análise de Dados

Solutial is fully authorized to offer a range of services, including technical support, project management, training, consultancy, and the provision of FME licenses. With a focus on delivering top-tier solutions for data integration and business intelligence, Solutial leverages its broad and deep expertise in FME's products and services to meet and exceed client expectations.
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  • São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil

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Solutial - Taking on data challenges

A company with the mission to transform complex challenges in a simple way, understanding and designing in a customized way for each customer. How? With our efficient solutions we can provide it, for tabular and geospatial data
“Working with the FME Platform for more than 18 years, we can see how great the platform turned into and today an Enterprise Solution. Tabular and Spatial data in a simple way, transforming not only the data but bringing value to the data, solving Brazilians' challenges in automating data every day with innovation and efficiency. Our partnership with SAFE Software is very strong. Together we can identify our customers' problems, discuss the best way/strategy, and present different business solutions.”
Danilo de Lima
CEO Solutial Soluções e Análise de Dados
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