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INSER is committed to providing software, solutions, support and training for your projects. We also develop innovative solutions such as, an FME-Cloud based platform which makes FME easily accessible to everyone. Our services are available in French, German and English.
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  • Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

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Our client's success story: La Vie En Jaune feat INSER SA

Pascal Bourquin set himself a crazy challenge: Walk all the Swiss hiking trails, a total of over 66,000km! To do this, he needed a digital platform and to map and track the progress of his challenge, which INSER provided, involving a fair share of FME based automated processing! In the beginning of 2024, Pascal has now covered about 40% of the network!
“FME is a feature-rich platform, that is both easy to use and extremely powerful. Our customers like the fact that they can easily combine all types of data and quickly obtain visible results.”
Jean-Luc Miserez
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