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GeneGIS GI Srl

GeneGIS GI is the Italian leader in Data Automation and Data Integration providing geospatial solutions for Government, Utility, Oil&Gas & Telecommunications industries. Since over 15+ years, GeneGIS GI is the FME Competence Center in Italy providing a wide range of FME-related professional services to help customers extract value from their data, thanks to a full FME Certified team.
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  • Milan, Italy

Meet GeneGIS GI

Spatial Digital Knowledge - technologies for data detection, processing and exploitation of geospatial information at enterprise level.

Partner success stories

Data mountains

Informatica Alto Adige SpA unites decades of siloed data while saving €60k yearly

Commercial EMEA
“FME has changed the way we do business, allowing us to offer continuous innovation in data integration and greatly impacting the way our customers work." ”
Luca Raso
Business Development, GeneGIS GI Srl
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