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Find a Partner Dotted Eyes Limited d/b/a Miso

Dotted Eyes Limited d/b/a Miso

With over 25 years’ experience of complex GIS and data management challenges, our Certified FME Professionals and Trainers are on hand to provide you with consultancy services, training, and support to help you make the most of FME.
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  • Birmingham, United Kingdom

“Broken down into easy to digest and remember modules, miso’s online training allows you to learn FME in a place, pace and time that works for you.”

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Partner success stories

British Highway

140 million MOT driving records analyzed with FME

Transportation EMEA
“miso has proudly been working with Safe Software since 1998, using FME as the cornerstone to deliver robust data solutions to our clients. As Platinum Partner, we’ve helped hundreds of organisations to solve their difficult data challenges with FME. ”
Jamie Powis
Marketing Manager, miso
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