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Chartis Technology

Chartis Technology’s core philosophy is to utilize complex spatial technology to better our customer’s and the community’s ability to deal with spatial problems. Our Certified FME Professionals or Trainers are on hand to deliver real and useful outcomes to your next Enterprise GIS project.
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System Integrator
  • Bathurst, Australia

Learn from the experts in how to use the essential components and capabilities in FME with the Chartis Technology FME Form Introduction two-day course. Presented via our Virtual Classroom, the course delivers an experience that is as close as possible to face to face training. Hosted live by one of our accredited training experts, who will present and interact with you directly throughout your training, this introductory course includes extensive hands-on, problem-solving exercises. Chartis Technology also offers support and training packages for QGIS, with a team of knowledgeable experts offering training in Introductory or Advanced courses, as well as expert assistance for all your QGIS requirements.

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