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At Avineon & Tensing we breathe data. Together we provide services and solutions in data integration, data quality, data interoperability, data analytics, data usage and data visualization on a global scale. We are thought leaders when it comes to spatial intelligence. We have over 30 years of data-experience, together putting forward one of the best-in-class certified FME teams worldwide. We offer certified FME courses from our professional training facilities (or just join a virtual training).
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  • McLean, VA, United States
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Hitec City, Hyderabad, India
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Traverse City, MI, USA

Partner success stories

Agri Epi field monitoring

How Agri-EPI Centre is optimizing agri-tech with FME

Natural Resources Commercial
“As a Safe Software authorized partner and reseller, we are proud to have helped so many organizations worldwide elevate their spatial intelligence - and we will continue to do so, always with the latest technology and tomorrow's knowledge. With the deployment of FME, our global team of certified data specialists deploys the power of geographic information at the highest level. ”
David Eagle
Director of Service Delivery UK, Certified FME-trainer Avineon | Tensing
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