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Vancouver International Airport uses automation to enhance the passenger experience

The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) serves over 22 million passengers per year. They wanted to provide passengers with indoor mapping data via their mobile app.

YVR, our hometown airport here at Safe Software, has won the SKYTRAX Best Airport in North America Award for eight years running due to their world-class passenger experience. To help passengers navigate, they built a data integration workflow to combine their floor plans and asset/infrastructure data.

How they made it possible – no-code data integration and automation

Using FME, they combined source data from Maximo with CAD. The FME workspaces standardized and performed quality assurance and validation checks (QA/QC) before converting the data into an ArcSDE GIS database.YVR airport ArcGIS indoors

They published FME workspaces to FME Flow to nightly filter, convert, and aggregate floor spaces into new datasets (ArcSDE) that only contain public spaces of the airport, and convert this dataset into GeoJSON for delivery into the YVR Digital Gateway, an enterprise service bus deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This dataset is then used for the creation of three final products: an IMDF dataset to support Apple Maps, the 3D interactive indoor map for their YVR mobile app, and a Leaflet basemap for the indoor map
YVR is one of the first to provide its indoor mapping data to Apple Maps, and its GIS team has proven their innovation by providing a variety of ways to navigate the public indoor spaces of the airport using digital technology.

“I love FME because it just makes my job easier every day.”
Carlos Silva
GIS Specialist, Vancouver International Airport
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