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Strukton Rail modernizes railway infrastructure management

With 100 years of railway experience, Strukton Rail is committed to building and maintaining safe, future-proof and sustainable rail networks.
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Maintaining the Swedish rail network

Strukton Rail is dedicated to making the Swedish rail system attractive, secure, and reliable. With 1000 employees, a network share of 35%, and 2500 miles of track, Strukton Rail is engaged in various projects and maintenance. While Strukton Rail does not own the infrastructure they uphold, they are responsible for caring for it, making it all the more crucial for them to maintain strict standards.

Critical business challenges include meeting client needs and connecting with them in their chosen applications, needing timely access to real-time data, and cross-team data sharing. Strukton Rail also had highly manual and inefficient processes in place while not owning their infrastructure and asset data. To face these challenges, all information needed to be digitized, they needed to offer a one-time registration, and their processes had to become as automated as possible. To support their broad digitization initiative, they needed the help of FME.

Automating application integration to create a highly scalable data model

With support from Safe Software partner Esri Sverige AB, FME became the backbone of Strukton Rail’s data model. Stephan Winkler, Head of Asset Management at Strukton Rail, is a strong proponent of FME. Working with their data architect, Strukton Rail built a highly-scalable publisher/subscriber data model within FME. Applications both publish relevant information to data topics and subscribe to topics to receive the most up-to-date information from other applications. Cityworks is both a publisher and subscriber within this data model, facilitating work management and work orders while incorporating GIS data from clients. 

Strukton Rail integrated FME into their maintenance and data handling processes. With FME integrating Cityworks, ArcGIS, ERP and Payroll applications, Strukton Rail automates work order and document transfers, invoicing, and ensures payroll has all relevant information. The integrated data is sent to Microsoft Power BI for analysis and informing decision-makers. Integrations, message handling, publisher-subscriber architecture, and data modelling were key aspects of the solution.

Using FME, Strukton Rail now has highly scalable data architecture in place. They took full advantage of FME to extend the functionality of their webhooks and API calls with no code necessary. FME enriches and transforms their Cityworks data and ensures that data is always available to those who need it whenever. Strukton Rail has standardized their work and processes, making data sharing with stakeholders simple. In the future, they’re looking to continue to innovate their one-time registration process and further automate their operations.

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