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Saint John Energy integrates Cityworks and ArcGIS to enhance asset management

Saint John Energy uses FME to automate data transfers from Cityworks and ArcGIS. The solution has enabled the team to manage work orders more efficiently and optimize asset management.
Reversing Falls bridge in Saint John, New Brunswick. Reversing Falls bridge in Saint John, New Brunswick.

This work was done in collaboration with Safe Software partner Consortech.

Integrating asset management platforms to better support employees

Saint John Energy is a municipal electrical distribution utility company located in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Canadian utility partners with the City of Saint John and service providers to deliver customer-focused and innovative energy solutions.

Focusing on efficient solutions to facilitate employee workflows, Saint John Energy uses Cityworks to manage technicians’ work orders. The system uses an ArcGIS geodatabase to support and optimize the management of the organization’s many assets.

Still, Saint John Energy was faced with manual processes. For example, when replacing hot water tanks in the field, the team’s technicians were required to manually submit tank transfer information.

A solution was needed to allow Saint John Energy to update GIS data without customizing Cityworks

To enhance data accuracy and save time, Saint John Energy collaborated with Safe Software partner Consortech to develop a solution.

Through their low-code solution, a Cityworks webhook sends a notification to FME once an order to replace a hot water tank is closed, triggering an FME workspace. The desired information is retrieved from Cityworks via an API call, asset information is updated in ArcGIS by transferring data to the new tank, and the replaced tank is disconnected from the site.

Saint John Energy used FME to facilitate real-time updates and automatic information transfers from Cityworks to ArcGIS

Today, Saint John Energy streamlines workflows and has reduced the possibility of errors for both field technicians and office administrators. Not only is the solution efficient, but it also saves the team time and money. Using FME, the team at Saint John Energy can now easily migrate and update Cityworks in future applications.

“FME is our go-to solution for automations and integrations between our business applications and ArcGIS. With Consortech’s help, we have pushed the envelope of what FME can do for our business processes.”
John Paul McGrath
Senior OT Architect, Saint John Energy
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