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PNM enhances decision-making and streamlines processes

PNM is the largest electricity provider in the state of New Mexico, USA.
New Mexico Powerlines New Mexico Powerlines

Leveraging FME automation to minimize costs

Since 2002, PNM’s GIS department has used FME for various data automation tasks, including conversion, reports, analyses, and data QA/QC.

FME provides outage data every 10 minutes and performs daily processes, including generating point features indicating bird-related outages, checking for accidentally deleted power poles in the database, new service delivery data error checking, and backing up street light data. FME also executes bi-annual franchise fee reports, monthly New Mexico One Call distribution line buffering, and other automations.

Using FME has resulted in improved, more accurate, and value-added data, allowing for better decision-making. It saves the GIS department time, and PNM minimizes costs. FME has become PNM’s GIS software of choice for automation and analysis for its power, speed, and reliability.

“FME is hands down the best GIS software I have worked with in my 20+ years in the profession. All the things PNM does with FME would be impossible to accomplish manually.”
Aaron Allen
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