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Global Information Systems is automating reports for pipeline clients

Global Information Systems provides the pipeline industry with solutions to manage asset data, business workflows, and regulatory compliance.
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Global Information Systems used FME to design a system that creates purpose-built alignment sheets for clients.

The pre-built tools in FME Form’s graphical user interface were used to create a workflow that reads data from Geodatabase, performs the required manipulating and formatting, and pushes the results to AutoCAD Map, allowing for any desired touch-ups.

FME provides a highly accurate, automated system to replace time consuming manual CAD drafting, expensive GIS options, and complex, proprietary applications. FME allowed the team to leverage best of breed technologies – both CAD and GIS – and provided a customized, maintainable, reproducible solution.

“Why did we use FME? We see it as the best of all worlds.”
Eric Klein
Global Information Systems
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