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Georgia Power Metering Services streamlines meter replacement

The Georgia Power Metering Services team uses FME to track meter data, detect financial discrepancies, and create reports to detect database anomalies.
Metering Check Service Metering Check Service

Using FME to compile and analyze data

The Metering Services team at Georgia Power used FME to locate 1,000 installed meters with factory defects, enabling field personnel to replace them in 1 week compared to the previous replacement time of 4 months. FME also compared several systems at the database level, leading the team to discover a discrepancy that had resulted in 2.5 million dollars in unbilled revenue since 2004.

A large database is processed by FME to create business intelligence reports that update individuals if their action is required. FME also models databases from various sources to detect meter tampering, searches for anomalies in databases that applications can’t see, and translates data from legacy systems. Data is also fed to key meter dashboards, various SQL, Access, and Oracle databases, and internal websites, including Microsoft BI, Tableau, and ArcGIS Server/Portal.

week meter replacement time versus previous 4 months
in unbilled revenue discovered
“We use FME daily to help automate our business. It has helped me accomplish many things that I would not otherwise be able to do.”
Kenneth Dunn
Georgia Power
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