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From data to decisions: How Pivvot empowers clients with FME

Pivvot leverages FME to transform public data into actionable insights, driving success in infrastructure and renewable energy projects.
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95% of Pivvot’s data integration processes powered by FME

In the dynamic world of infrastructure planning, Pivvot is leading the way by using location intelligence to solve data and collaboration challenges in energy and environmental projects. Pete Veenstra, Pivvot’s Data Architecture Director, has been harnessing the power of FME since 2004 and is leading the process for how data is curated, analyzed, and utilized for critical decision-making for Pivvot’s clients.

Pivvot platform

The Pivvot team is enabling their clients to efficiently route pipelines and electric transmission lines, identify the best sites for solar and wind farms, and more. To achieve this, they use FME to curate public data, ensuring it is not just gathered but made relevant and actionable for use in Pivvot’s innovative web applications.

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With FME, Pete and his team are building databases that serve as the backbone for their applications. FME’s ability to ingest an extensive array of data formats has been a game-changer, allowing Pivvot to embrace the complexity of geospatial data with confidence and precision. FME’s visual interface also makes it possible to quickly train new team members, fostering a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement.

For Pivvot, FME is instrumental in their quest to provide clients with unparalleled insights and solutions to empower them to make critical decisions about their infrastructure. Pete’s enthusiasm for FME is evident, as he asserts, “You’re not going to find a better tool to help you manage data.”

“We couldn’t do what we do and deliver what we deliver to our internal team and clients without having FME crank away. It just wouldn’t be feasible. ”
Pete Veenstra
Director, Data Architecture
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