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Arkansas GIS Office migrates open data portal to the cloud with huge savings

The Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Office (AGISO) coordinates GIS programs for Arkansas, USA.

Arkansas GIS Office needed to migrate its spatial data portal to the cloud

With nearly 2,500 users and 1,200 downloads per month supported by a high-cost on-premeses deployment, AGISO needed a highly secure and stable system that was easily maintainable and scalable. By choosing FME and AWS, they could achieve their objectives and save substantially.

Using FME, the Arkansas GIS Office moved over 300 vector datasets to PostGIS on Amazon while transferring three terabytes of raster data to Amazon S3 storage and four terabytes of historical raster data to AWS Glacier. 

Security, stability, savings, and service

The resulting cloud-based architecture enabled users to access the data through the Arkansas GIS Office website, with workspaces automatically managing requests for vector and raster data. The entire process and system is highly secure and fault-tolerant with the FME Platform monitoring all action.

By migrating to the cloud, the Arkansas GIS Office saved over $200,000 over three years while gaining access to a more robust and secure system. These savings were critical in the face of budget cuts and helped the agency maintain its level of services.

The FME and AWS solution provided the Arkansas GIS Office with a highly scalable and maintainable system without internal infrastructure. It also delivered cost savings while ensuring the data remains highly secure and available.

of data migrated
saved by moving to the cloud
“When you combined our old rack space costs ($3,200 per month) with our 3-5yr hardware costs ($170k), migrating to Amazon and FME became an easy decision.”
Seth LeMaster
GIS Lead, Arkansas GIS Office
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