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Advancing GHD’s AEC project efficiency with FME

GHD leverages FME to streamline complex data management processes for clients, enabling quick data migration, seamless updates, and efficient creation of augmented reality objects.
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How FME streamlines operations for GHD engineers and their clients

Safe Software partner GHD, a leading architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) company headquartered in Australia, manages large-scale, data-intensive projects with over 10,000 employees globally. In the fast-paced AEC industry, efficient data management and processing is crucial. GHD faced significant challenges in managing vast amounts of data collected for engineering projects. Traditional methods prove to be not only time-consuming but also cumbersome when it comes to updating and sharing data across platforms.

With FME, GHD takes an elevated approach to data integration. FME enabled quick migration of collected data directly into databases for immediate analysis, facilitating seamless updates and easy training for new staff without complex programming. Additionally, FME’s capabilities extended to creating augmented reality (AR) objects efficiently, which is pivotal as the industry advances towards incorporating more AR in projects.

FME proves to be invaluable in integrating data from various sources and formats, whether from field inspections or different software like ArcGIS and CAD. This eliminates redundant tasks, allowing engineers to focus on core project tasks rather than data preparation.

GHD’s productivity has been boosted by incorporating FME, helping position them as a leader in the AEC industry. By optimizing data handling processes with FME, GHD navigates project challenges more smoothly and delivers results faster, keeping pace with fast-moving technology advancements and industry demands.

“Manual processes can be time-consuming and annoying. FME is the perfect solution. You can go with the flow and keep up with changing technology because you don’t need to deal with updating data – FME does it for you.
Caner Akin
Location Intelligence Team Lead, GHD
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