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Platform FME Downloads

Download the latest versions of FME.

Current Version
Past Versions

FME Form

Build, run and test data workflows on your desktop

Change log Documentation

FME Flow

Install FME Flow directly on your own hardware, cloud, or virtual machine

Change log Documentation

FME Flow for Kubernetes

Please visit our GitHub repository to download the Helm Charts.

FME Flow for Docker

Download the Docker Compose file here. For more information, visit our Support Centre for getting started with FME Flow and Docker.

Remote Engines Service

Run FME processes on servers that are outside your network and closer to your data

FME Flow Hosted: get FME Flow up and running in minutes

Deploy FME Flow in the cloud, hosted by Safe Software

View and download FME-related software.

FlexNet License Server Installer

Build 11.19.2

Reprojection Grid Files

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Join the FME Community to connect with other users

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