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FME Blog 5 Highlights of FME UC 2022

5 Highlights of FME UC 2022

There we have it! The FME UC 2022 – The Peak of Data Integration was one to remember. After five long years of waiting (thanks to a global pandemic), we...

There we have it! The FME UC 2022 – The Peak of Data Integration was one to remember. After five long years of waiting (thanks to a global pandemic), we are thrilled to have finally hosted hundreds of FME Customers, Partners and enthusiasts alike from all around the globe at the #FMEUC22 in our beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia from August 24-26, 2022. It was great to gather the FME community in person again. We are also grateful to everyone who tuned in virtually.

The Peak of Data Integration was a very special user conference. Not only because of the wait but also because it was many of our attendees’ first FME UC experience – Safers included! We enjoyed seeing everyone participate in the various planned activities and come together to experience the power of data with FME. There’s nothing quite like this opportunity to gather in one city, learn and be inspired by FME experts and enthusiasts worldwide – all while making new, lasting connections. 

In addition to learning, we are also glad to have had the opportunity to ride a bike, play arcade games and share some amazing experiences (especially the food!) with all of our attendees. Here are Five Highlights of FME UC 2022 that we would like to reflect on:

1. Inspiring Keynote Speakers

shows stage that FME UC 2022 keynote speakers took and the crowd-filled plenaryKicking off FME UC 2022 at the main stage!

We were blown away by the phenomenal speakers at this year’s FME UC. We kickstarted the three-day event with a Founders Welcome Keynote presented by our very own co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz. We also had uplifting keynote speakers who filled the room with wonder and amazement. From topics on becoming a difference maker, dirty data, storytelling with big data and the past, present and future of the city of Surrey – we heard impactful stories that we can take with us beyond the FME UC to motivate positive change in our organizations, enterprises and the world. We would like to thank all of our guest speakers for sharing their great insights and thought-provoking stories with us!

2. Basecamp & Breakout Sessions

This is where Basecamp took place. The Breakout Sessions were also extra fun with con terra’s bucket hats.

Did you get a chance to visit Basecamp? The all-new Basecamp was the hub of FME UC 2022. This is where attendees gathered to meet, talk, learn and share with customers, partners and Safers about industry and technical solutions. We would like to thank everyone who also visited our various booths including the Community Cafe, UX, Customer Testimonials, and  holo|one who sponsored a mobile and AR experience lounge.

We had so much fun chatting with everyone who stopped by.

Breakout sessions also offered another opportunity to learn, meet and talk with others. We divided our breakout sessions into five tracks this year. 

  1. FME Ops
  2. Digital Twins & AR
  3. Spatial
  4. Empowering the Enterprise
  5. Real Time Data Processing

We hope you walked away from FME UC 2022 with a wealth of knowledge that will streamline your business strategies or open your mind to a world of possibilities you didn’t know existed before. If you have any feedback about Basecamp or the breakout sessions, feel free to reach out to us at We are always looking for ways to improve in time for the next user conference.

3. Fun and Games!

From left to right: Avineon’s President, Anand, shooting some hoops at the Rec Room; attendees at the FME UC 2022 photo booth; our fun bike ride; football session & on-site games at FME UC 2022.

It wouldn’t be the FME UC without Safe Software’s signature sprinkle of fun and this year our amazing Events team put together a series of unforgettable experiences for our attendees. From a morning 5k run/walk to cycling the Vancouver Sea Wall, sunrise yoga and friendly soccer games to evening pub crawls, there was no shortage of activities to participate in. But the biggest social event of the FME UC 2022 was the ‘Peak of Fun’, hosted at the Rec Room, where we played endless arcade games, ate and drank fabulous pub-fare (there even was a poutine bar – how Canadian of us) and may or may not have sang our hearts out at karaoke. It was great to see everyone make connections beyond FME. We know we have some singers out there now, and possibly future NBA players? The Rec Room really showed everyone’s true potential!

4. Solutions Review

solutions review on location interview's set up
On the left, we have the live set of Solutions Review On Location! On the right, we have an amazing view of the North Shore from Vancouver. Our view everyday!

We were pleasantly surprised by the outstanding response we had from partners and customers who participated in our Solutions Review interviews at the FME UC 2022. This is another new addition to this year’s user conference and we enjoyed sitting down with a variety of partners, customers and Safers to talk about all things FME, data integration and more. We would like to thank all who took time out of their day to speak with Solutions Review’s amazing host, Doug Atkinson. The videos are live on YouTube if you’d like to check out some of the interviews.


5. Food and Swag

chocolate-covered strawberries, smoothies, snacks and fme plushies at fme uc 2022From chocolate-covered strawberries, the smoothie welcomer, daily snacks to the games on site sponsored by con terra, the FME UC 2022 is not just about learning but about having fun too!

Let’s talk about food! Let’s be honest, that is probably the reason why many attendees come to an FME user conference! This year we had a glorious line up of food thanks to Vancouver Convention Centre’s catering throughout the entire conference. We would like to thank  Cityworks for sponsoring the Smoothie Welcomer that you saw every morning before the conference started. We would like to thank Honey Salt too for hosting our Partner Dinner earlier in the week. We were delighted by their giant pan of paella! We also had phenomenal donuts and cookies from Yum Donuts and Bak’d Cookies and a wonderful spread of pub-fare at the Rec Room.

Additionally, we had some cool swag this year. We hope you enjoyed your FME UC 2022 swag bag. Inside, the notebook and pen  was sponsored by LOCUS (NoteTaker). We’d also like to thank 1Spatial for the on-site chargers (ElectricityFinder), and con terra for the FME UC eventmobi app & fun games on site (FunSeeker and AppLauncher).

On top of that, we would like to give a big shout out to our Silver Sponsor Avineon | Tensing, our Bronze Sponsor Esri, our exhibiting sponsor holo|one and our Attending Sponsor databricks.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to FME UC 2022 and we are already looking forward to hosting the next one. You can follow us on @safesoftware as we recap on Instagram and keep a close eye on the hashtag #FMEUC22 on all social media platforms for more snippets and memories. Stay tuned for details surrounding the next FME UC in Europe 2023!

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